A brief description of our research topics

Quantum Light

We generate atom-resonant, narrow-bandwidth quantum states of light, for example polarization squeezed states and entangled photon pairs that are resonant to atomic resonance lines. We then interact these states with atomic ensembles. This allows us to study the interaction of atoms and light at the most fundamental, fully-quantum mechanical level. For example, we study how non-classical light can be used to make more sensitive atomic instruments, and how atoms can be used as optical elements to shape quantum properties of photons.

Squeezed LightNOON States
Optical Magnetometry?Spin Noise Spectroscopy?

Cold atomic ensembles

Spinor Condensates

? Spinor Condensates?

We are building a rubidium-87 spinor condensate experiment. We are interested in studying the exotic behaviour that emerges when a material is both ferromagnetic and superfluid.