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Morgan W. Mitchell Curriculum Vitae

Academic bio:
Morgan Mitchell got his PhD from University of California at Berkeley in 1999 in the group of Raymond Y. Chiao, one of the pioneers of nonlinear and quantum optics. His thesis Dynamics of photon-photon scattering in rubidium vapor studied four-wave mixing as a source of entangled photons. As a post-doc in the group of Serge Haroche and Jean-Michel Raimond at the Laboratoire Kastler Brossel he studied interaction of cold rubidium atoms with whispering-gallery resonators. He taught for two years at Reed College and there developed the first diode-laser-pumped entangled photon source. As a post-doc with Aephraim Steinberg at the University of Toronto he did pioneering experiments in quantum process tomography, quantum state tomography, generation of multi-photon NooN states, and measurements of photon distinguishability. He has been a Group Leader at ICFO since 2004.

All resemblance to Prof. Smith of PhD comics is purely accidental